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Welcome to Angular 4U - Get free Tips, Demos, Tutorials and More!

Here at Angular 4U we aim to bring you everything you need for your Angular JS development. We have information and reviews on NPM modules, TypeScript components and more.

We also have a section on Angular 2 or Angular 4 for those wanting the latest advice and tips on the latest version of Angular JS. You can also view our demos and tutorials sections for those looking for practical advice and examples on Angular JS. Other sections include our Tools & Resources section and also the Premium section which has information on premium plugins for Angular.

  • Angular 2

    10+ Angular Carousel Demos

    Everybody loves image carousels they bring a website/app to life with the use being able to slide through some images without loading delays. Here are some Angular Carousel Demos which can help you get an…
  • Angular 2

    4+ Angular 2 Tooltips Options

    Tooltips are those text popups which when you hover some text or an image they appear over the text in a box usually with some text content, enabling you to give more information to the…
  • Graphs and Charts

    Angular GraphQL Examples

    If your looking to integrate GraphQL with Angular 2 then there is not much examples available at the moment at the time of writing this. However, I have found a few Angular GraphQL Examples which might…
  • Angular 2

    10 Angular 2 Premium Components

    Here are some Angular 2 Premium Components. 1. Fury – Angular 4 Material Design Admin Template Fury – Angular 4 Material Design Admin Template Fury is a creative material design admin template built with Angular…
  • images

    Angular JS Panorama Image Zoom Enhancers

    Here are some Angular JS Panorama Image Zoom Enhancers that you can use to create awesome panorama image views for your angular web apps. A panoramic view is one which animates your image from side to…
  • Timers and Counting

    10+ Angular 2 Time Picker Examples

    With angular’s class declaration syntax (ngmodel) it allows you to easily specify the options selectively for integrating a time picker component into your angular2 application. Depending on the version of Angular your using will determine what time…
  • Animation

    10+ Angular 2 Animations and Effects Tutorials

    Here are some Angular 2 Animations and Effects Tutorials which can help you get started with creating your own awesome animations such to animate states, styles, transitions, triggers, sequences, groups, keyframes and more important effects!…
  • Video

    10+ Angular 2 Embed Video Demos

    If you’re looking to use Angular 2 to Embed your Video into your app then here are some options for you. You might have seen this before? Haha, well this iframe hopefully will appear in your…
  • UI

    Top 10 Angular 2 Compatible Mobile UI Themes

    What is an Angular 2 Compatiable Mobile UI Theme? Well, it’s simply a user interface which has been designed into a series of ui components making it easy for bootstrapping into your Angular App. Frameworks…
  • Forms

    Angular 2 Form Validation 10+ Examples

    Near enough every application has a form and it requires form validation to be setup, usually by using a validation framework or library which saves time. So included below is 10+ Examples of Angular 2 Form…
  • Angular 2

    Angular 2/4 Google Maps 10 Examples

    Thankfully, there are a few options when you want to integrate Google Maps into your Angular 2 or Angular 4 application. So npm packages include angular2-google, angular2-google maps amongst other popular options that support the core google…
  • Events

    Angular 2 Keyboard Events 10+ Examples

    Here are about Angular 2 Keyboard Events to help you get started when creating your new single page web application. These 10+ examples and templates will show you how to create your own angular components that have…