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Here is what we think are the Top 5 Images AngularJS Modules. If your looking for some decent AngularJS Modules to do some cool stuff with images look no further! We have listed the best ones for cropping images, image placeholders, image lazy loading/preload, image cropping and more. You can use a directive for things like cropping images, useful for when users upload thier profile images to provide a crop (a bit like Facebook does) with ngImgCrop you can even crop a cirlce instead of the standard square crop! Or you might want to check out angular-bootstrap-lightbox module which you can use to add a lightbox to your image galleries! Quite cool!
This post was last updated on: 9/7/2015. For an updated list see more Images AngularJS Modules

Premium AngularJS Image Cropper

AngularJS Image Cropper

A simple Angular directive that allows you to turn any image tag into an editable image, it creates a cropping interface for you to select the area to crop, it works with responsive images and with touch devices, compatible with modern browsers, no jQuery required.

1. ngImgCrop by Alex Kaul


Simple Image Crop directive for AngularJS. Enables to crop a circle or a square out of an image.


2. Angular Image Crop by Andy Shora


A better way to crop images client-side using AngularJS.

GitHub Website Demo

3. ngDroplet by Adam Timberlake


Angular.js HTML5 file uploading with drag & drop and image/file preview.

GitHub Website + Demo

4. Angularjs Imageupload Directive by Fabian Raetz


Imageupload Directive for AngularJS


5. ngLazy Image by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


Directive for loading responsive/ adaptive image when parent container (which is preventing reflow) is in viewport. Available as bower component for your project. JavaScript only component.

GitHub Website Demo

Thank you for reading and if you would like to you can submit your Images AngularJS Modules or leave a comment below.

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