linemanjs add live reload

The latest version of linemanjs has it turned off, so how can we add live reload back into the workflow?

page reloads automatically when:

* css changes
* js changes
* html changes

Watch task already loaded and configured. It currently (04 march 2013) uses grunt-watch-nospawn.

“The Grunt 0.4 release was a major release. One of its plugins, grunt-contrib-watch, was updated for that release but incidentally changed significantly. This module is a drop-in replacement for grunt-contrib-watch designed to retain the same behavior as the branch that was compatible with Grunt 0.3.”

However on inspection of grunt-contrib-watch it has a no spawn option.

After some investigation, it’s been turned off for a reason according to lineman devs it was actually slowing down the workflow so it was removed.

Sam Deering

Sam Deering

Sam is a web developer, online entrepreneur and investor. In his spare time he enjoys coding, playing chess and sharing what he learns with others.

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