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Is your Angular app loading too slow? We don’t fear, just check out some Angular 2 File Upload Demos that I’ve cherry picked for you. You can now watch some cool spinners while your app is loading and dissolve those horrible scaling loading images into some awesome fast loading images! 🙂 Enjoy

1. Angular2 ng2-image-lazy-load Demo

Angular2 ng2-image-lazy-load demo2
Angular2 ng2-image-lazy-load Demo

Object where the key is the url of the image the library has already loaded and doesn’t need to be loaded again.

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2. Angular2 Preloading Strategies

Angular2 Preloading Strategies

With the Angular router and custom preload strategies we can customize how we load our code to best optimize our applications use cases.

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3. Angular Easy Pre-load Images

Angular Easy Pre-load Images

A simple AngularJS module to make it easy to pre-load images to prevent the horrible waterfall effect.

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4. Angular2 Lazy Loading / NativeScript

Angular2 Lazy Loading / NativeScript

With lazy loading we can split our application to feature modules and load them on-demand.


5. Angular2 Idle Preload


Angular2 Idle Preload

Angular 2 Idle Preload for preloading async/lazy routes using requestIdleCallback (or fallback to setTimeout which is run outside of zone.js)


6. Lazy Loading Angular Apps

Lazy Loading Angular Apps

Lazy loading speeds up the application load time by splitting it into multiple bundles, and loading them on demand, as the user navigates throughout the app. As a result, the initial bundle is much smaller, which improves the bootstrap time.


7. Angular JS Easy Image Preloader

Angular JS Easy Image Preloader

An easy way to preload large amounts of images for your entire AngularJS application.

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8. Angular Load Images with Promises Demo


Angular Load Images with Promises Demo

The purpose of this demo is to show how to use AngularJS promises by using them to preload images, showing progress as they are loaded, and displaying them all when complete.


9. Website Preloader using AngularJS

Website Preloader using AngularJS

Preloaders are small and lightweight animations that indicate to the end user that something is churning away at the back-end of the application, and that nothing is broke. They give assurance to the end user and helps them relax, especially if your preloader is something catchy and nice.


10. Lazy Loading Images with Angular

Lazy Loading Images with Angular

The concept of lazy-loading images is rather straightforward: don’t load an image until the image is within (or close to within) the bounds of the browser’s viewport.


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