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If your looking to integrate GraphQL with Angular 2 then there is not much examples available at the moment at the time of writing this. However, I have found a few Angular GraphQL Examples which might help give you a few ideas on how to setup your graphql client & query data ready to make rest like requests to your app back-end server. If you find any other graphql angular examples please do leave a comment so i can add them. Thanks.

1. How To Use GraphQL with Angular 2

How To Use GraphQL with Angular 2

In this article will tell you about the basics of working with GraphQL in Angular 2 environment.This article will be of interest to those who have played enough with REST resources in their apps and are looking for something more lightweight, versatile and easy. Or maybe you are facing the choice of technology stack for your next project.

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2. Angular & GraphQL Examples

Angular & GraphQL Examples

Code examples & starter kits to see how Angular works with GraphQL and other technologies. GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

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3. Angular GraphQL Todo List

Angular GraphQL Todo List

A simple Todo app with Angular using GraphQL as the data source. (This app has optimistic updates support). Most of the source code well commented and used Promises in many places.

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4. Angular Relay GraphQL

Angular Relay GraphQL

When you’re building web apps you’ll mostly have to deal with client-server communication. Relay is a library that simplifies client-server communication on an abstract level. In this post we’ll use an example and three challenges to demonstrate the power and simplicity of Relay. A conference planner app will serve us as the example. This app displays a list of conferences. A user can can attend or leave conferences.

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5. Angular/Apollo – Instagram Example

Angular/Apollo – Instagram Example

The Apollo client does more than simply run your queries against your GraphQL server. It analyzes your queries and their results to construct a client-side cache of your data, which is updated as further queries, mutations are run and data is pushed to you from the server. This means that your UI can remain fully up-to-date with the state on the server with the minimum number of queries required.

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6. GraphQL Server with Node, Express and Mongoose

GraphQL Server with Node, Express and Mongoose

Going by Google Trends, the interest on graphQL seems to be growing quite well. That being said, as per what I have read and understood, you really need not have a graphQL server setup just because it is a hot new thing.

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