Angularjs Nodejs bootstrap3 – Chat App Demo

Handsontable JavaScript Spreadsheet Most popular component for web apps

Testing Open Group Chat Demo and here are the results, pros and cons.





  • Working demo.
  • Google Plus login.
  • Nicer UI than most.
  • Google plus profile images for users.
  • Auto detection of timezone.
  • User list with room location.
  • Online / offline status.
  • Nice settings page with push notifications.


  • Page not responsive.
  • UI squashed.
  • Online/offline status not clear.
  • Starts on port 80 which is commonly used by apache.
  • HTML code is crazy!!!
  • No logout button huh?
Sam Deering

Sam Deering

Sam is a web developer, online entrepreneur and investor. In his spare time he enjoys coding, playing chess and sharing what he learns with others.

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