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In today’s post we’re sharing some options of tagging in Angularjs. Useful for it looks like any web application your building these days they seem to have tags. In my opinion tags are more useful than categories especially for custom filtering. So with development of heaps of new apps which require tagging here are some options for AngularJS modules which you can use to provide tagging functionality to your users. If you find any other good Angularjs tags examples please leave a comment.

1. ngTagsInput Module

– Autocomplete support (yes!).
– Lots of examples in plunkr.
– Seems very stable.
– Lots of options such as adding on spacebar/comma, replace spaces with dashes etc…

– No bootstrap examples but easy to work out.

ngTagsInput Module
Github Demo

2. Boostrap Tags Input Module

– Pretty good works with Bootstrap 2 and 3.

– No support for ajax loading auto-complete of values.
– Lots of open issues on Github (70+)
– When typing text truncates left after 5 or so characters.

Boostrap Tags Input Module_
Github Demo

3. Manual Coding Setup Examples

These are examples of a manual setup using JS and Angular. Might help you if you are thinking of coding something quick or bespoke.

Manual Coding Setup Examples_
Tags Manual Demo 1 Tags Manual Demo 2 Tags Manual Demo 3

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