5+ Angular 2 Widgets Examples & Usages

Here are some Angular 2 widgets examples usages for you to check out. Most of them are JavaScript based and are loaded in like we used to do with jQuery plugins. Have a look at the tutorials below and hopefully they will create some sparks as to how you might integrate them with angularjs2 application.

Before you use any of them I would recommend you pay close attention to testability and reuability of the components when using them with Angular2 JS bootstrapped applications. Remember Angular 2 is not a version upgrade, but a complete rewrite so keep that in mind when reading through.

1. jQWidgets Angular RC 5

jQWidgets Angular RC 5
jQWidgets Angular RC 5

jQWidgets represents a framework based on jQuery for building web-based applications that run on PC, Touch and Mobile devices.

Website Demo

2. ES7 & Angular 2: Using Kendo UI Widgets

[insert image here]

Telerik’s Kendo UI widgets offer a lot of features and functionality out of the box. While these can accelerate development, it is not always obvious how to integrate these widgets with frameworks like Angular.

Article Demo

3. PrimeUI JavaScript Widgets

PrimeUI JavaScript Widgets
PrimeUI JavaScript Widgets

PrimeUI is a collection of rich javascript widgets based on jQuery UI. PrimeUI is a spin-off from the popular JavaServer Faces Component Suite, PrimeFaces.

Website & Demo Github

4. Awesome Angular 2

Awesome Angular 2
Awesome Angular 2


5. Using Ignite UI Widgets in Angular 2 Application

This blog post will demonstrate the steps needed to create Angular 2 components with TypeScript. This example is using the Ignite UI igGrid widget.

Article Demo

6. Angular 2 Widgets NPM

[description goes here]


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