So what happened to Angular 3?

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So now we are on Angular 4 but you might be thinking, what happened to Angular 3?

Todd Motto explains it best on his blog:

Angular 3 will not be the rewrite Angular 1.x to Angular 2 was

Please stop worrying about Angular 3

Another Angular version planned already? Whaaaat?

Didn’t Angular 2 just ship? Why Angular 3? What? Why?

First off, there is no massive rewrite, and won’t be for Angular 3. Secondly, let me explain the future of Angular 2 and what Angular 3, Angular 4 will mean for you.

Now, if you’re confused, think of it this way – in Angular 1.x we had this:

  • Angular 1.0 – major version
  • Angular 1.1 – major version (well, more a preview of Angular 1.2)
  • Angular 1.2 – major version
  • Angular 1.3 – major version (dropped IE8 support)
  • Angular 1.4 – major version
  • Angular 1.5 – major version

In “Angular 2”, you’re looking at this:

  • Angular 2 – major version
  • Angular 3 – major version
  • Angular 4 – major version
  • Angular 5 – major version
  • Angular 6 – major version
  • Angular 7 – major version


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